''Undoubtedly, one of the worst abominations perpetrated by the Wahhabis under the leadership of Ibn `Abd al-Wahhab was the massacre of the people of Ta'if. They killed everyone in sight, slaughtering both child and adult, the ruler, the lowly and well-born. They began with a suckling child nursing at his mother's breast and moved on to a group studying Qur'an, slaying them, down to the last man. And when they wiped out the people in the houses, in the streets, the shops and the mosques, killing whoever happened to be there. They killed even men bowed in prayer until they had annihilated every Muslim who dwelt in Ta'if.''

Thursday, August 18, 2011


6 - On page 142, he writes,

"The as-Sahaba and their successors did not intend to get blessings through anybody except the Prophet. No one can possess anything of the Prophet's attributes peculiar to him."

Here is another lie of the author. Hadrat 'Umar had gotten blessings through Hadrat 'Abbas before he went out for the prayers for rain. [Please see the 24th article for the details of this event.] Islamic scholars wrote in detail the attributes peculiar to Rasulullah (sall-Allahu ta'ala 'alaihi wa sallam). The translation of Al-mawahib al-laduniyya is a good example. None of such books writes that the only one through whom one can get blessings is Rasulullah. Nor do they write that one cannot attain blessings through anyone else. They say that blessings can be attained through someone else too. It is a calumny about the Qur'an al-karim and the hadith ash-Sharif to liken visiting -with the view of getting blessings- the graves of those whom Allahu ta'ala loves to worshiping the idols at-Lat and al-'Uzza. It was declared in a hadith ash-Sharif, "He who calumniates the Qur'an al-karim becomes a non-Muslim." The Wahhabis, giving false meanings to ayats with ambiguous meanings, call Muslims "polytheists."

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