''Undoubtedly, one of the worst abominations perpetrated by the Wahhabis under the leadership of Ibn `Abd al-Wahhab was the massacre of the people of Ta'if. They killed everyone in sight, slaughtering both child and adult, the ruler, the lowly and well-born. They began with a suckling child nursing at his mother's breast and moved on to a group studying Qur'an, slaying them, down to the last man. And when they wiped out the people in the houses, in the streets, the shops and the mosques, killing whoever happened to be there. They killed even men bowed in prayer until they had annihilated every Muslim who dwelt in Ta'if.''

Thursday, August 18, 2011


12 - The Wahhabite book writes on page 224:

"Ash-Sharani wrote that his shaikh 'Ali al-Khawwas did not separate from Rasulullah even for a moment. This is a lie. If it were true, the Prophet would have come and prevented the faction among as-Sahaba."

Anyone who has the least of wisdom and Islamic knowledge would not argue in such a way. Rasulullah (sall-Allahu ta'ala 'alaihi wa sallam) prophesied the fitna and separation that would take place among as-Sahabat al-kiram; how could it be thought that he would have come and prevented them? The companionship or union [of his shaikh and the Prophet] written by ash-Sharani (rahimah-Allahu ta'ala) was in the sense of kashf and mushahada. It was not something material as it is misunderstood by those idiots who deny what they do not understand or know. The proverb, "Men feel enmity against what they do not know," is just fit for the case of the Wahhabis. Hadrat Abu Bakr (radi-Allahu ta'ala 'anh) used to say that he saw Rasulullah every moment and apologized saying, "I am ashamed of myself before you." [See the 32nd article below.]

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