''Undoubtedly, one of the worst abominations perpetrated by the Wahhabis under the leadership of Ibn `Abd al-Wahhab was the massacre of the people of Ta'if. They killed everyone in sight, slaughtering both child and adult, the ruler, the lowly and well-born. They began with a suckling child nursing at his mother's breast and moved on to a group studying Qur'an, slaying them, down to the last man. And when they wiped out the people in the houses, in the streets, the shops and the mosques, killing whoever happened to be there. They killed even men bowed in prayer until they had annihilated every Muslim who dwelt in Ta'if.''

Thursday, August 18, 2011


23 - The la-madhhabi author writes on page 415:

"Qasidat al-Burda is a work of great ignorance. It says that it is only through the Prophet's protection that one can attain salvation. This eulogy is in contradiction with the Book and the Sunnat. People deem it as higher than the Qur'an."

In the foreword to his book, he says:

"Sa'ud's grandson, 'Abd al-'Aziz, revived the tawhid. He brought peace and law to the Arabian Peninsula. And his son Sa'ud invigorated the way of his ancestors. He reopened the path of the Khulafa' ar-Rashidin."

He prays for the swords of the sons of Sa'ud to be sharper. It is not a guilt, in his opinion, to lie saying, "invigorated... reopened the path," about Sa'ud so that he may praise and ask help from that dissolute, vile drunkard, who led a life in dissipation, drinking bouts and fornication parties for years with hundreds of concubines and Greek girls in the most luxurious hotels in Athens, Greece, extravagantly throwing away thousands of gold coins from Muslims to non-believers, and who died in sensuality, enjoyment and drinking revelries. However, again in his view, it is a guilt and polytheism for al-Imam al-Busayri (rahimah-Allahu ta'ala) to eulogize Allahu ta'ala's beloved Prophet (sall-Allahu ta'ala 'alaihi wa sallam), to regard the exalted Prophet as the highest of creatures, and to ask for help and intercession of that highest Prophet, who has been honored with the good news, "I will grant whatever you wish!" He shamelessly markets such writings of his under the name of religious book for Muslims. He is not ashamed of calling the Islamic 'ulama', the apples of the eyes of Muslims, "polytheists and heretics" so that he may deceive the youth and make them la-madhhabi. What will he say about the hadiths [Quoted by al-Imam ar-Rabbani (rahimah-Allahu ta'ala) in Maktubat, I, 44th letter (Endless Bliss, I, p. 142). For Qasidat al-Burda, see above, the 13th chapter, p.38.] in which Rasulullah explained his own high status? Will he commit the insolence of smearing the dirt of his pen on that honorable Prophet (sall-Allahu ta'ala 'alaihi wa sallam) because he has declared that he was the leader of prophets and the highest of human beings of all times?

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